Tinsel Star, Gbenro Ajibade – “Social Media Beef Is ‘Entertaining”


In a new chat, Nollywood actor Gbenro Ajibade revealed his thoughts on the social media beef stories that have been trending this year.

Candidly speaking Gbenro Ajibade said “If I am trying to be honest I would say it is entertaining. It is entertaining.”

The Tinsel actor was asked why Nollywood actors haven’t behaved like artistes and fought online.

Gbenro Ajibade said that actors are more emotional so their drama would be a whole lot more if they do.

“I think if Nollywood actors start doing all of that our own will be more than the musicians because we tap into our emotions a lot. It’s not really easy to stabilize” said the actor.

Gbenro Ajibade agreed that social media has led to invasion of privacy but as for him he is all about his business.

“People come on social media for different reasons. If you channel your social media towards your work and your brand, you won’t do stuff anyhow. The last two big jobs I have gotten were from Instagram.”

He further said he might be getting an endorsement soon thanks to Instagram.