Teen Fatally Shoots 13-Year-Old Cousin After His Hoverboard Lost Balance


The Florida teenager told investigators that he didn’t intentionally fire the gun — that fatally shooting his 13-year-old cousin, Lavardo Fisher, “was an accident.” He had been on a hoverboard, holding a relative’s firearm, when his cousin was killed, the Orlando Sentinel reported. “I didn’t mean to shoot, it was an accident, the gun just went off,” the 18-year-old told an investigator, according to the newspaper.

Lavardo Fisher died at a Florida hospital after being shot Sunday in Ocoee, a suburb of Orlando. As of Tuesday, the 18-year-old had not been charged in connection to his cousin’s death, the Sentinel reported.

“When you think of Lavardo, you think, ‘This is the kid I want my daughter to marry, this is the kid I want my daughter to go to prom with,’” Lo Wood, Lavardo’s football coach, told the newspaper. “He was humble.”

The Sentinel reported that two of Lavardo’s cousins, including the alleged shooter, saw what happened. An incident report obtained by the newspaper noted that their clothes were dotted with blood in the aftermath, and that they initially tried to direct the blame elsewhere.

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