Obinim is an attention seeker – TV presenter

Entertainment of Saturday, 13 February 2016



Leo Mensah AngerLeo Mensah, aka Ntoatoahene

Outspoken Ghanaian actor and TV presenter, Leo Mensah popularly known as Ntoatoahene has called Founder and leader of International Godsway Ministries, Bishop Daniel Obinim an attention seeker who wants to ride on controversies to rip innocent Ghanaians off their money.

The host of Ntoatoa TV show on Gh One TV in a Facebook post following the man of God’ s claim that he can turn into an animal in the spiritual world said Obinim made those comments to get his name on the lips of Ghanaians.

He described Bishop Obinim as a stupid person. He continued that God knows the Bishop is a moron.

According to the peeved TV host, the husband of gospel musician Florence Obinim is an “idiot” who is using the Holy Bible to deceive the world.

He also blamed Ghanaians for allowing people to deceive them without researching to know the truth in the bible.

Below is an unedited post the actor and TV presenter made on Facebook.

“On OBINIM’S SNAKE saga: u see Ghanaians out of lack of “Common Sense” n “Shear Laziness”, we don’t read n research well and ve become so Gullible dat we give audience to anything dat seemingly is Entertaining.

We give audience to any “Idiot” under da Biblical prefix “TOUCH NOT MA ANOINTED” or “THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE”. Yes thou shall not Judge but da Bible neva said “Thou shall Not apply Common Sense” We make God look so STUPID dat da part of da Bible dat says “I made mankind in ma own Image” has bn thrown into da gutters.

U think if God(Jesus) is listening to Obinim, He wont say He’s a complete Moron who just want attention of gullible Ghanaians to extract them off their little savings to customize OBINIM 1, 2, 3 Cars? I know ma Producer might get angry but da Truth is one. OBINIM is a complete MORON, conman n Ghanaians and gullible lazy Creatures. Including myself. U ARE FREE TO INSULT ME. thank u Gudmrn..”

Obinim revealed on OBTV channel that he has supernatural powers with which he transform himself into any animal in the spiritual realm.

In the video interview, the pastor claims he can transform into a snake, enter any room, bite his target and disappear after the mission.

He also claimed that he once transformed into a snake with Jesus by his side who also transformed into a lion and visited someone.