Maccabi Tel Aviv donate football equipment to Unistar

Soccer News of Saturday, 13 February 2016



Uni MacaPlayers of Unistar in a pose with a rep of Maccabi Tel Aviv

Maccabi Tel Aviv FC works with many non-profit organizations on a frequent basis and contributes to the social and logistical aspects of these institutions. A week ago, the Youth Department received a request to contribute various types of football equipment.

Itamar Dubinsky who is in the midst of working on his doctorate, travelled to the football academy in Ghana as part of a study he is working on through the Ben Gurion University. Dubinsky took off for the Unistar Soccer Academy in Ghana where he is the editor of this study, to interview children and the employees of the acadmey in order to learn about the development of populations through the football academy itself.

Dubinsky’s study explores four different football academies with Unistar being the one he is currently working on. This academy also received various articles of equipment from Maccabi Tel Aviv including jerseys, shorts, balls, hats and more. Dubinsky spoke to the Official Website about the academy and the importance of football to this area: “It’s an academy that serves 70 children and was founded by a Ghanian named Ernest Cooper in 2009 in a small city in the south of the country.”

The doctorate candidate Dubinsky also spoke about the importance of Maccabi’s equipment contribution: “Ernest is the sole financier of the academy which is a tremendous amount for just one person to handle. His contributions include free tuitio20160204_174643n for the children to attend school, meals three times a day, housing, operating expenses and more. The 15-year olds and younger age groups received the donated equipment. This team is composed of children from all over Ghana and its neighboring countries where scouts can come and see which children may have a future as professional footballers. Ernest hopes to sell the rights of the various players in order for him to continue the academy and the further development of the community.”

Dubinsky also commented on the relationship that has been established between the club and the football academy: “The Academy was so happy with the contribution and it was just what they needed, so now they’ll wear Maccabi kits when they play. I believe that the donation did wonders of good for Maccabi in Ghana and picked up 70 new fans. The academy plays matches every week against other teams in Ghana so that will also help raise awareness about Maccabi throughout other communities in the country.”