Alavanyo-Nkonya conflict affecting enrollment at Nkosec

The resurgence of hostilities in the century long Alavanyo – Nkonya conflict over the last few years is negatively affecting enrollment at the Senior High School in the area.

With a capacity to admit over 2,500 students, the current population of the school stands at only 490 students.

According to the Headmistress, Mrs. Margaret Irene Saku, there are too many facilities that are wasting on the compound.

“There is a whole block of the newly renovated boy’s dormitory that is not being used. The once that are in use too are sparsely populated such that some students are using two beds,” she lamented.


The school has fully furnished computer and science laboratories, the visual arts and home economics departments are also fully furnished with the needed equipment and materials for effective practical work.

The school’s road network is also properly laid out and tarred.

School block

Nkosec currently has a full complement of dedicated and well qualified teaching staff strength of 50 and about 90% of them are accommodated on the premises.

There is currently an additional six unit semi-detach staff bungalows under construction to accommodate the rest of the teachers. vlcsnap-2016-02-07-23h04m30s13

Mrs. Margaret Irene Saku is thus appealing to parents and students to make Nkosec a school of choice since in her view, the issue of the conflict is just an exaggeration.

“Apart from the fact that Nkosec is far away from the conflict zone, the school environment is well protected, the curfew does not affect teaching and learning in any way, neither does power cuts because we have a standby power plant donated by the PTA.”

She urged parents to visit the school to learn at firsthand what they have to offer saying “I promise parents and students nothing but to best of tuition and other facilities. I mean the very best any senior high school can offer.”

By: Gratham J. Mckintosh/