Guess How Old This Grandma Is ..

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A GRANDMOTHER revealed her beauty secrets – and age – after her daughters posted her stunning photoshoot online.

Qin Ling is turning 50 this year and she says a cheap beauty routine has preserved her youthful looks.

The mother-of-two and grandmother of one from Chongqing, China, claims patting her face down daily and sleeping naked once a week are key.

She also makes a face mask from cucumber, yoghurt, honey and pearl powder.

After Ms Ling divorced she was a single mother and didn’t have any extra money for maintaining her looks, so she resorted to inexpensive tactics to pamper herself.

Qin Ling
Qin Ling is due to turn 50 this year Cen

Qin Ling
Qin Ling had a photoshoot with her granddaughter (pictured above) CEN

Ms Ling’s daughters sent her for a photoshoot to celebrate her birthday and uploaded the images to social media – where they received a lot of attention.

The granny even had a declaration of love from a man twenty years her junior after he saw her photos on social media site QQ.


But the modest heart-throb refused his advances despite being single at the time and decided to keep his offer secret from her daughters to save embarrassment.

She says she is now looking for an older man to settle down with.

Ms Ling is due to appear on reality TV programme Mamma Mia which showcases mothers talents, tonight.

Her two daughters and granddaughter will also appear on the show.




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