Troubles Everywhere!

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The pockets of bloodletting in the country are heading for crisis level. Government must act with dispatch to stem the anomalous developments. It would not be an exaggeration to state that every other day there is a story about murder or riotous conduct by a group of individuals.

From Bunkpurugu to Kumasi and Accra there have been scary stories, some too graphic that they should be kept away from the faint-hearted.

Even as Ghanaians were coming to terms with the cold-blooded murder of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) MP for Abuakwa North constituency of the Eastern Region, mayhem was enacted in Kumasi’s Old Tafo.

Something is just not right somewhere and we need to identify this before things get out of hand, especially in an election year. Questions are being posed about the safety of citizens, given the recent developments: we wake up wondering what story is going to unfold the next day or even before the end of the day.

Yesterday an Indian hemp smoker murdered somebody in Tamale, Northern Region, a few days after a landlady was killed by her husband in Kasoa in the Central Region. The superstitious could easily claim the country is under a spell. Former President Kufuor has asked that we as a nation should pray to God to deliver us from the unusualness.

A lunatic had previously killed a teenage girl and eaten part of her flesh – a story which caught the imagination of Ghanaians who read it – as such matters are not common in our part of the world.

The people of Kumasi, especially Old Tafo, were shocked rudely by the reality of rampaging youth from the Zongo community in this history steeped segment of the Garden City a couple of days ago.

It was scary, given the dimension the incident was taking. It was not surprising therefore that a curfew was slapped on the suburb.


Anything that assumes a touch of religiousness must be stopped by all means. That is why everybody in their right senses with the interest of the country at heart must condemn the Kumasi incident.

Hoodlums with no knowledge of the religion of Islam who jump into the streets with cutlasses have no place being with us in a civilized society. Their place is in the prison.

It is heartwarming that the National Chief Imam has delegated the Ashanti Regional Chief Imam and the regional Zongo Chief to intervene with a view to addressing what could be a very dangerous issue.

It is regrettable that the historical relationship dating back to pre-colonial days between residents of the Zongos in this region and their hosts is being threatened by the indiscretion of a few irresponsible youth who want to draw religion into the nonsense.

The security agents should deal ruthlessly with those who want to put this country asunder, regardless of whose ox is gored.




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