Onga supports grooms of Happy FM Mass Wedding Cooking Contest

Entertainment of Thursday, 11 February 2016

Source: Jonas Nyabor


Onga MenOnga (men)

Over the weekend, the 33 grooms of the upcoming Happy Fm Mass Wedding participated in a cooking contest spiced up by Onga: mamas helping hand.

The competition, which forms part of preparation for the mass wedding on the 14th of February, saw the grooms display their culinary skills on different recipes with a touch of the Onga seasoning to send a message on shared responsibilities and gender equality at homes.

The grooms used the different variants of the Onga seasoning in preparing meals like Jollof, Banku with Okoro Stew, Fufu with Goat Meat Soup, Yam with Palava Sauce and many more.

Even though preparation of the meals came with some difficulties, the “mama’s helping hand” of Onga brought out the great taste of the various dishes prepared by the grooms.

The Brides of the various grooms together with family members and friends were there to cheer up the men in the kitchen.

Event manager for Promasidor Ghana producers of Onga, Mr. Gideon Kodo, expressed his excitement about the idea of having the grooms battle it out in the kitchen.

He also added that“ this is not just a cooking contest but the beginning of a change of the stereotyped societal definition of the roles men at home and Onga is ready make to cooking easier for any man who is ready to go to the kitchen”

Participants of the contest were giving Onga cloth and other souvenirs from the brand while best six grooms in the contest were presented with cooking burners and special Onga packages.