Referees attend ‘Refresher’ Course

Soccer News of Wednesday, 10 February 2016



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Retired FIFA referee L.O. Laryea has revealed the programme line-up for referees by the Referee Association of Ghana (RAG) as the commencement to the 2015/16 season league season gathers pace.

Ghanaian referees have been questioned and doubted in relation to their competence to officiate in games as many believe their decisions in some games brings the name of the beautiful game into disrepute.

RAG rated referees performance in the First Capital Plus Premier League (FCPPL) 2014/14 season as a very good one and as an association do not want to see a decline in the performance of their members.

Former RAG chief, L.O. Laryea marked referees performance as above average and asserts the refresher course does not connote the officials are poor but rather an avenue to build on a very good performance and avoid more criticism from football fans and the ever vocal Ghanaian media.

He said, “I can guarantee the referees are ready for the league start the delay has distorted our programme slightly but should the league commence tomorrow we are ready.”

“As the teams prepare and finalise in readiness for the 2015/16 league season, we as the officials are ready – the association (RAG) has organised a two-week refresher course as ‘the men in black’ try to limit the number of errors that seem to align to Ghanaian referees,” he added.

The 2015/16 Ghanaian premier league starts on Feb 20.