Man Shamed Girlfriend By Forcing Her To Walk Naked


A MAN who beat his girlfriend for sending texts to other men and then forced her to walk naked down a New York street has told a court “she deserved it”.

Jason Melo, 24, appeared at Manhattan Criminal Court charged with assault and endangering a child after he allegedly choked and punched the woman in front of their newborn daughter.

He denies those allegations but admitted filming himself making the 22-year-old victim walk the streets wearing only a short white bath towel and dark shoes.


Jason Melo told the court his girlfriend ‘deserved’ to be humiliated in the video

Shouting at her in Spanish as they walk Melo eventually yanks the towel away – leaving the victim completely naked in the cold of a New York winter.

In court yesterday Melo said he did not regret shaming his girlfriend.

He told the New York Post: ‘She shouldn’t have done what she did.’

The shocking video shows a man shouting at the woman in a mixture of Spanish and English.


“Take off your towel and pay the price for the shame,” he says while accusing her of “talking to seven other men”.

The victim replies: “But not to have sex with them.”

The video circulated widely in American media.

Melo later released a bizarre follow-up clip of him handing himself into police, in which he claimed never to have attacked the woman.

Since the footage emerged, the victim – who has not been identified – has claimed she was scared of Melo.

“He started threatening me, he threatened to slash my face,” she told Univision.