Cwesi Oteng responds to Obinim ‘snake’ comments


Entertainment of Wednesday, 10 February 2016



CwesiotengiwinCwesi Oteng

Gospel musician Cwesi Oteng is not happy about something concerning Ghanaian Media.

He posted a picture on his Instagram page with the words; What will help you they will put it their pocket, what will help them they make it headline. GHANA MEDIA CHANGE. Luv U tho/ God our help.

Cwesi was in the news this week for chastising Ghanaians who made mockery of Prophet Daniel Obinim’s video.

The video saw Obinim saying by the powers vested in him by Jesus Christ, he can turn into any kind of animal.

Jumping to his defence, Cwesi Oteng warned people not join the bandwagon of critics stating that such persons are satanic broadcasters.

He said in a post on Instagram Sunday that: “The only weapon satan has against God’s [people] is slander and accusation, even people who don’t know Jesus and are developed spiritually can transform into anything, how [about] a prophet who says he can? What Obinim said I don’t doubt (because) I believe it is possible. Don’t join the slanderers, they are satanic broadcasters. And God bless Obinim. Spiritual things are foolishness.”

The musician, after a few hours of posting the comments, was forced to delete the post following criticisms they generated. Most people did not agree with him.

Read his tweets below: