Freakish, Callous

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The personal safety of individuals has become a subject of hushed discussion among not only ordinary Ghanaians, but the top echelon of society who have suddenly begun questioning the level of their safety.

The apprehension of both segments of the population is understandable, stemming as it has, from the freakish assassination of the late JB Danquah Adu, MP for the Abuakwa North constituency, yesterday.

It is a death which shocked Ghanaians to the marrow. When the story broke on the media landscape yesterday morning, those who saw him the previous day and even interacted with him were subdued by a ghostly disbelief, wondering philosophically about the emptiness of life.

As for the political animals, the murder had offered a fresh opportunity to assess the performance of the government in the area of the protection of lives and property, this responsibility being a core term of reference of every political administration at the helm.

In the next few days, therefore, the political terrain will be awash with analysis by both amateur observers and professionals, some with doses of slants about the state or even quality of security in the country.

Freakish murders have not been in short supply in the country, dockets on some of which have been stacked in the shelves of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service headquarters for want of progress. Some financial institutions would remember their melancholic stories of murdered staff by those commentators would rather are described as contract killers.


As it is with every freakish murder, many questions would crop up, answers to which would enable us to understand what really happened and mitigate our emotional pain.

We are excited about the response of the police to the distress call from the family, the only snag being the inability of the first two cops who turned up at the crime scene to muster the necessary courage to engage with the loner, who was thought to still be in the vicinity or even in the house, fearing that they could come under fire.

The Greater Accra Regional Police Commander was said to have been in the house from about 3am, joined later by a host of other top colleagues of his from the Police Headquarters.

We entreat them to be consistent and steadfast with their interest in the case so that those behind it would be brought to book.

In such cases the police would rely, to a great extent, on the support of members of the public for important leads which can lead to the arrest of the suspects.

Let nobody think the pieces of information they might have are too miniscule to be of importance. The police as professionals can put these together to make a breakthrough even as they continue with the investigations into the case.

Ghanaians need assurance more than ever before that they can retire to their abodes at the end of a tiring day confident that they would not be pounced upon by cruel dagger-wielding hoodlums in the wee hours of the night. For now though, apprehension remains a feature of everyday life.

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