GIS Beams Searchlight On Hotels

Francis Palmdeti

Francis Palmdeti

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has commenced talks with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and Ghana Hoteliers Association to ensure that personal details of foreign nationals who patronize hospitality facilities in the country are mandatorily captured and given out to the GIS for security purposes.

This was disclosed to the media on Friday in Accra by the Head of Public Affairs at GIS, Francis Palmdeti after a closed-door meeting with GTA and executives of the Ghana Hoteliers Association over the need to vigorously implement the Alien Registration Regulation 1974 LI 856 which permits immigration officers to inspect hotels in Ghana to gather details of foreigners lodging in them.

According to him, it has become necessary for hotels, motels and hostels to provide the GIS with personal details of foreigners who lodge in their premises every Friday in accordance with the Alien Registration Regulation.

The move, he said, is to ensure that such terror attacks in hotels that caused havoc in neigbouring Burkina Faso and Mali are not replicated in Ghana.

He lamented that though the promulgation of the Alien Registration Regulation 1974 LI 856 makes it mandatory for hotels to feed the GIS with information about foreign nationals lodging in their premises every Friday of the week, managers of hotels in the country have failed to comply with the law.


Mr Palmdeti pointed out that GIS was collaborating with other security agencies in the country to ensure that as foreigners are being checked, locals could also be ‘monitored’ to prevent any act of terrorism, especially now that some Ghanaian youth have been linked to Jihadists groups abroad.

Ghana is currently home to two former Al-Qaeda foot-soldiers and there had also been media reports of some Ghanaian youth joining terror groups.

The developments, according to many, pose serious security threats to the West African nation from terrorist groupings.

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BY Melvin Tarlue