Chief Hot Over Cemetery Sale

Chief hot over cemetery sale


People in front of the palace

YOUTH AND Council of Elders at Abesim, a town near Sunyani  in the Brong Ahafo Region are on the neck of their chief, Nana  Kumi Achiaw for selling the community cemeteries to land developers.

The chief who was hauled before his Council of Elders refuted the allegations but entreated the people not to attack the one who is building at the cemetery. He said the issue is in court so the citizens should not take the law into their hands.

He told them he gave part of the area to somebody but not for his personal benefit.


The people were however not convinced because according to them they had seen the developer’s land title document bearing the chief’s signature indicating that he had sold it to him. But the chief denied that allegation also resulting in an agitation among those present leading to a hurried postponement of the meeting to avert any residual confrontation.

Nana Kumi Achiaw is accused of selling all community lands including a royal and a public cemetery.

Some of the elders deemed the situation unfortunate describing it as a taboo especially the sale of the royal cemetery. They feared the repercussions of their ancestors and quickly slaughtered a ram and poured libation at the royal cemetery to appease the forebears.

DAILY GUIDE however learnt that the youth are bent on destooling the chief.

FROM Daniel Y Dayee, Sunyani

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