Kennedy & Afia Schwarzenegger At War

Kennedy Vs Afia Schwarzenegger

The war of insults and mutual disrespect between Okay FM presenter, Valentina Agyeiwaa aka Afia Schwarzenegger, and Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has taken a rather partisan twist in a latest development.


A new set of profane-filled audio recordings went viral on social media over the weekend. One of them captured Kennedy Agyapong explaining that Afia Schwarzenegger started insulting him because of Ibrahim Mahama, a brother of President John Mahama.


“She said I have said something about Ibrahim (President Mahama’s brother) so she wants to defend Ibrahim. Meanwhile, when I say something about Ibrahim and his mother, he calls me to beg me…


“When they said Nana Addo (the NPP flagbearer) had murdered his wife, they forgot he also has blood running in his veins. As for me, when you talk about me, I will respond in equal measure. And if she dares me, I will go very nasty with her that she will be surprised…,” Kennedy threatened and then went haywire, using strong derogatory words to describe Afia’s genitals and physical looks.

Kennedy also denied an allegation made by Afia Schwarzenegger that he is a paedophile notorious for luring under-aged girls to hotels, defiling them and then running away with the excuse that he has urgent cabinet meetings to attend.


“Afia Schwarzenegger says I am a paedophile who sends small girls to hotels and then I run away without paying the bills. Me? I have over a hundred houses. Which girl did I send to a hotel? When I get a girl, I take her to my house and I blow her mind so she sees that ‘yes’ I am a man of substance. I don’t take girls to hotels.


“A girl I pay, Delay (Deloris Frimpong-Manso), was the one who brought you into limelight. She picked you up from nothing when your clothes were in a polythene bag. Even my house girl who came from the village to stay with me did not come with her clothes in a polythene bag.



“I am telling you, I would go down to her level and deal with her. She should get ready…I dare her to go and test for HIV. Afia Schwarzenegger should go and test because her boyfriend [name deleted] tested for HIV and I dare her to go and test. She was staying in the same room with the guy and he has tested positive,” Kennedy added.


Schwarzenegger Fires Again

The Okay Fm mid-morning show hostess quickly shot back her response in which she verbally ran down Kennedy Agyapong in a high voltage obscene language which when transcribed, cannot be reproduced in print, no matter how carefully it is edited.


“If I smoke marijuana, do I buy it from you? The marijuana I smoke do I buy it from you? (Obscene language) …Nana Addo would never set foot in the Flagstaff House because of people like you. If the NPP does not sack you, they won’t go anywhere because people can’t deal with people like you…


“When you get up, you talk against President Mahama… (obscene language); when you get up, you say things against Ibrahim… (obscene language). If Ibrahim eases himself, you would eat it, Kennedy… (obscene language). Ibrahim is from a successful family and you would eat his excrement… (obscene language). Your mother has a store in front of her house and that is where she sells before she gets money to eat… You do not dress well and I would never have sex with someone like you… (obscene language). Which of your family members has ever become a president? (Obscene language)….


“If not for my father, Despite, I would have dealt with you in a way you would never forget… (obscene language). You don’t dress well… (obscene language) and no one is advising you… (obscene language). I am easing myself in your mouth and flushing it. Swallow it!!… (obscene language).”


Civil society and institutions of state have so far maintained zipped lips over the uninterrupted public misconduct of the two public figures, even though some of their statements are incriminating and unsuitable for public consumption.