'I can’t verify if the call I got was from Charter House'

Entertainment of Saturday, 6 February 2016

Source: Caretvgh.com


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With VGMA closing in and a decision by Charter House organizers of VGMA banning Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale from getting any award for 3 years several musicians have come out stating their disagreement with new controversy from Skrew Faze claiming Charter House wanted him to bribe them to win an award.

He made a post on his Facebook wall which sparked the controversy, several insights to the story has been recorded on several platforms but Care TV finally caught up with the artiste who revealed exclusively that yes indeed he received a call in 2007 when he was nominated for discovery of the year from someone claiming to be from Charter House asking for money before he can win the award.

He was very busy as he was out of the country and said he would get back to the caller but upon returning he never did. When asked why he brought this issue up after 10 years he stated that he is in disagreement with Charter house over the ban on Shatta Wale and thus the reason he brought the issue up. He believes that Shatta wale is a voice for musicians and his ban is a discouragement to upcoming artiste.

When further probed about who the strange caller might have been, he replied that he can’t be certain or confirm that the person is from Charter House but that is what the caller claimed meaning it could have been a prank, fake call or someone trying to get some money from him.

He however, added that he can’t tell if all winners of the awards deserved it and he will never pay to receive an award.

Charter House, on the other hand, have hinted on taking skrew faze to court over his claims.