Bradez to kick with 'Ressurection' after years of silence

Entertainment of Saturday, 6 February 2016

Source: Nsromamedia


Bradez ResurrectsBradez

Multi-Talented Rapper Flowking Stone, the other half of Award winning duo BRADEZ has hinted the group is now ready to bounce back this year following the release of a single resurrection.

FlowKing Stone who was guest on Adom Tv Bisa Nnwom said, he had to hold the forte when tragedy struck and to the best of his abilities he’s down well and it’s evident for all to see.

“Kunta is now doing well and we are introducing him little by little else it might not work, so resurrection is the first of many to come from us this year”, FlowKing Stone disclosed.

The rapper who has been on a solo project for sometime, now said, there were a lot of back bitting from industry people, who believed he was not going to do well, but with hard work, dedication n determination, everything went well and now Kunta is back.