Amakye Dede sacks presenter from late manager's funeral

Entertainment of Saturday, 6 February 2016



AmakyeManagerAmakye Dede at funeral of late manager gathers that the final funeral rites for the late Isaac Yeboah which happened on Saturday, January 30 at Abrantie Spot, Lapaz in Accra did not end without confusion. gathers that whilst the Abrantie Spot hosted certain personalities for the funeral, wife of the late, Nana Dokuaa Adobea had also organised a different funeral behind the venue since the family of her late husband did not listen to her plea.

According to Peace FM Entertainment Review pundits who were at both funeral grounds, Nana Dokuaa Adobea pleaded with family members of the late not to organise the funeral at Abrantie Spot since the deceased was not a drunkard.

Amakye Dede on Peace FM Thursday evening stated that he was not aware of the other funeral madam Adobea organised on the day of the final funeral rites behind his spot.

“I’m shocked at the funeral arrangements you are talking to me about.”

In a separate report, Amakye Dede is said to have sacked the morning show host of OXY FM, Kwame Larbi popularly known as DJ Oxygen.

According to Prince Tsegah of Hitz FM, DJ Oxygen interviewed the wife of the late Isaac Yeboah on his radio show who queried why there was no trace of the sprinter bus that was reported to have smashed into the car which caused Isaac’s death.

Nana Dokuaa Adobea, wife of Isaac Yeboah in the interview with DJ Oxygen also alluded to the new car Amakye Dede was seen driving before the late husband’s funeral as very suspicious and also wondered why and how the scar from his head injury was not visible after a short period.

Oxygen after his interview with late Isaac Yeboah’s wife also contacted Amakye Dede to react to the allegations by Nana Dokuaa Adobea.

The radio presenter disclosed that Amakye Dede brought some receipts to show that he bought the Toyota Tundra before Isaac died but registered it after his exit from the hospital.

DJ Oxygen who narrated his ordeal at the funeral grounds to Prince Tsegah on Hitz FM said he thought the matter had ended but realised Amakye was still harbouring some anger in him during the funeral.

Mike 2, host of Adom Entertainment Hall corroborated the presenters ordeal at the funeral and disclosed that the police had to intervene by escorting Oxygen out of the funeral grounds, Amakye Dede’s drinking spot.