OAPs Should Stop Approving Artistes Without Talent, OAP, Tonydoe Explains


This news doesn’t come out as surprising because this is something we practically all knew already.

Anyways, famous Nigerian broadcaster, Anthony Onwuchekwa aka Tonydoe has revealed that a large number of Nigerian OAPs show groupie love to questionable artistes.

In an exclusive interview, the ex-Radio Continental broadcaster disclosed that many OAPs cross the thin line between authentic appreciation of music or art and groupie love.

“OAPs are indeed celebrities and should devise means to manage their public image just as musicians and actors,” he began.

‘However, they should learn to draw the line between authentic appreciation of music or art and groupie love which unfortunately a lot of them show to artistes with questionable talent. Whether or not we like to admit it, an OAP worth his salt will have many share their opinions on any subject,’ he dropped.

Continuing on the difference between a broadcaster and an OAP, the former production manager at City FM said, ‘a Broadcaster is the whole package which involves understanding the functions of the equipment used, management, production and presentation. I consider myself a broadcaster.

‘The OAP is a part of the tree and usually functions as the “face” of the brand or station he represents. He’s a very important tool if he possesses the required attributes to draw attention to self and the brand he represents,’ he reeled out