‘Yvonne Nelson is my mentor’

Entertainment of Thursday, 4 February 2016

Source: Graphic.com.gh


YvonneREGYYvonne (left) and Regina

One of the actresses in Ghana that arguably many people would want to befriend is Yvonne Nelson. And why not? She is beautiful, intelligent, controversial and obviously a lot of funs as her social media pages show.

Add the fact that she is also a social media queen and the opportunity for one’s photos to be splashed on her page is reason enough for her friendship to be coveted.

However, she also seems to fall out with her friends quite quickly if her short-lived friendships with celebrity pals like Yvonne Okoro, Sandra Ankobiah and John Dumelo are anything to go by. And that is why her latest friend, Live FM presenter, Regina Van Helvert is being warned by fans to be careful she is not dumped like her predecessors.

In the last few weeks, Regina and Yvonne seem to be inseparable and their social media pages have been filled with affectionate pictures of the other.

In some of the pictures, the two can be seen hanging out with comedian, Bismark the Joke and many people on social media have been speculating about how long this friendship will last before Yvonne moves on to the next pal.

Regina, who is the presenter of Young, Wild and Free on Live FM, is however not paying attention to the negativity and is just enjoying the friendship of the actress she describes as her mentor and big sister who has helped her a lot since they met a few months ago.

“People are very judgemental but you need to know Yvonne to know how kind she is. I have heard many comments but even if she decides to unfriend me today, at least I have learnt a lot from her.

“We all have our faults; there are things she does not like just like everyone else. I?know she hates gossip.” she said.

Speaking about how their friendship developed, Regina told Showbiz she met Yvonne through a mutual friend a few months ago.

She expressed her interest in acting to Yvonne and later auditioned for the star who subsequently helped her get a supporting lead role in fellow actor, Eddie Nartey’s soon to be released movie, In April.

“Apart from helping me get a role, she made sure the people believed in me and I was paid on time before I started shooting the movie,” Regina said.

She believes if it had not been for the help of the beautiful actress, she would have faced a lot of difficulties, especially in the face of what aspiring actresses have to go through at the hands of movie producers to land roles.

She added that their similar backgrounds, including the fact that they both contested in beauty pageants and are children of single mothers, have helped to forge a closer bond between them.

“Yvonne is just a really nice person contrary to what people say and she is just like a big sister who has been a great source of encouragement.”

As if following in her now BFF’s (Best Friend Forever) footsteps, Regina recently stirred controversy on social media when she hinted of plans to write a book for Yvonne on her Instagram page.

But Regina explains to Showbiz that it was just a joke and expressed surprise at how seriously people had taken it. “People take social media too seriously. It was just a joke but I really admire how determined and down to earth she is,” she said.

Regina Van Helvert was first runner-up in Miss Malaika 2012 and she is currently the co-host of GHOne’s Rhythmz on Fridays and Live FM’s Young, Wild and Free.