MP Dumps Market For NDC Office

ndc office

Questions about the source of funding and cost of the new and imposing office built by Dominic Ayine, Member of Parliament (MP) for Bolgatanga East for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), will keep popping up before the November 7 polls and beyond.

The NDC Constituency office, valued at about GH¢320,000, has been constructed at a time when residents of Zuarungu, which is in the busy district of Bolgatanga East constituency, are in dire need of a market centre to improve their lives.

Many people are talking about the rapid completion of the office because the Member of Parliament (MP) promised the people of the Bolgatanga East constituency that he would construct a modern market if they vote for him.

The market project at Zuarungu has been abandoned.

During the 2012 campaign, Dr Ayine promised to construct an ultramodern market for the people of Zuarungu to serve the entire Bolgatanga East constituency.

The issue of the building of an office for the NDC in the constituency featured prominently in the campaign, knowing very well that the people will support and vote for him if he promised them a market center and also renovated some of the dilapidated basic schools.

After some accusations and insinuation from the people of the constituency, the site for the market project was handed over to a contractor in January 2015. There was no sign of the contractor on site.


Surprisingly, the office, which is not crucial to the development of people of the constituency, has been completed ahead of schedule and named after President John Daramani Mahama, who is expected to inaugurate it in April 2016.

Earlier the MP told some journalists that the project was executed with funds from his friends and well-wishers.

However, recent comments by Hon. Dominic Ayine on A1 Radio that he built the party office with his own money and should be given the credit for that have befuddled his constituents.

The impressive office, which has six offices, a conference room, places of convenience and a parking space, is bigger than the Upper East regional office of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

From: Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Zuarungu