Majid Michael Clears The Air: “I Am Not A Ghanaian Actor”


Ghanaian born actor, Majid Michael, has come out to clear some issues concerning his personal life.

The charming actor has boldly declared that he is not a Ghanaian actor, but rather an actor from Ghana.

He revealed this during the press launch of Kofas Mediamovie project, ‘Amakye & Dede’.

While reacting to some of the inquiries put at him during the Q & A session, the actor said, “Well, I am an actor and I believe acting is an act and art is universal. I am not a Ghanaian actor; I am an actor from Ghana”.

This is probably the actor’s attempt to dissociate himself from any stereotype picture that could limit him to acting only in Gollywood.

Majid is a son of a Lebanese father and a Ghanaian mother.

He has enjoyed sustained success in his acting career, making his major television debut in ‘Things We Do for Love’ where he acquired the nickname ‘Shaker’.