Amakye Dede on how much spent on manager’s funeral


Entertainment of Thursday, 4 February 2016



AmakyeManagerAmakye Dede at his Manager’s funeral

Highlife legend, Amakye Dede has disclosed the amount he spent on the final funeral rites of his manager, Isaac Yeboah.

A gory accident which occurred on 2016 New Year’s Day while the musician and his manager were waiting at the roadside to perform a show at the Paradise Spot, led to his death.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review on Thursday, Abrantie Amakye Dede said he spent almost GH 50,000 on the funeral.

“What I remember on paper is GH¢ 49,296; the donation accumulated to GH¢ 31,530. So after the funeral, I asked that they sell the car which was involved in the accident and add GH¢ 20,000 from the donations to the money they will get from the sale of the car and buy a fix deposit for the two children Isaac left behind,” he stated.

Amakye Dede added that the rest of the money was given to Isaac Yeboah’s mother and the family.

“I also asked that they give his mother GH¢ 10,000 and the remaining GH¢ 1,500 was given to the family for transportation back to their homes. The amount I spent on the funeral was my way of giving my manager a befitting burial. I’m not taking it from anybody. It was my way of showing respect to my former manager,” he said.

The final funeral rites of Isaac Yeboah came off on Saturday, January 30 at Abrantie Spot, Lapaz. The ceremony was attended by musicians, political figures, executives and members of Ghana Music Right Owners (GHAMRO) and Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), family and friends of the deceased.