KMA Chokes On PM


Some of the assemblymen leaving the election venue

THE KUMASI Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has for the third-time failed to select a Presiding Member (MP) to steer the affairs of the assembly.

Fresh elections held at the Miklin Hotel in Kumasi on Wednesday to select the new PM of the assembly ended in a stalemate.

Nana Kofi Senya, the New Suame Assemblyman and Nana Adjei Kesse IV, the Adumhene, polled 67 votes each during the polls.

This means that none of them secured the 98 votes out of the total number of 143 members of the assembly to win the position.

Two previous elections held between these two men, some months ago, to select the PM also ended in a stalemate.


Most of the assemblymen were spotted leaving the election venue with disappointment boldly written on their faces.

Prior to the polls, Kojo Bonsu, the Kumasi Mayor, stressed on the need for members to select a PM for the assembly on the day.

He bemoaned that the assembly’s failure to select a PM over the months was retarding the development of the city.

In the end, none of the two men was able to secure the needed votes so the PM election was postponed indefinitely.

The KMA PM elections had brought controversy as some people invoked the spirit of river deities against some assemblymen in connection with the polls.

Some aggrieved assemblymen, shockingly, also followed suit by invoking curses on the people who they suspect to be behind the initial curse.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi