Ghanaians say I look like Chris Brown – Kalybos

Entertainment of Thursday, 4 February 2016



Kalybos GuyguyKalybos

Richard Asante a.k.a Kalybos in an interview with Delay says Ghanaians liken his looks to that of American singer, dancer and actor Chris Brown.

“I am not saying it but it is Ghanaians. They say I look like Chris Brown. Not in terms of dancing or beating women but in terms of looks,” he said.

Kalybos was a student at the National Television and Film Institute (NAFTi) who studied Camera Handling.

Talking about how acting started for him, he said they had gone to shoot a video as part of a school assignment but unfortunately, the actor who was expected to be on set, did not show up, so the director asked him to try that particular role.

He was reluctant in doing it because that was not something he ever planned of after several pleas from the director, he gave it a shot and after the editing of the work, everyone liked it.

His very first episode of adventures of Kalybos, was the one he stood by a car that was not his, trying to woo Ahoufe Patri, unknowingly to him that, the car was owned by the same girl, he tried toasting.