'Don't take 'lawless' Akosua Agyepong serious'

Entertainment of Thursday, 4 February 2016

Source: abrantepa.com


Akosua AdjepongAkosua Agyepong

The Communications Director at Ghana Music Right Owners (GHAMRO), Prince Tsegah has asked the public to disregard allegations by musician, Akosua Agyepong, that executives of the collective society are embezzling funds.

Akosua Agyepong on Kasapa Entertainment alleged that Music Producer, Ahmed Bandex and co-executives of GHAMRO have embezzled GH¢500,000.00 musicians’ royalties.

According to her, on March 17, 2015, Government had paid an amount of GH¢1,925,300 to GHAMRO but text messages were sent to musicians that there would not be any disbursement in December because the said amount was disbursed among members in June.

“As at March 17, 2015, Government released an amount GH¢1,925,300 to GHAMRO which should have been distributed among musicians as their royalties. We had information that the monies were distributed in June so because of that there wouldn’t be any money to be shared in December; but what we all know is that monies are shared twice in a year.

“I was amazed to hear this so I quizzed Bandex about why GHAMRO has refused to pay our royalties and I was told by him that there is no money in the account so I asked him the whereabout of the money that the old executives left behind (5.450 billion old cedis), he then answered that the money is intact in GHAMRO’s account,” she is quoted by kasapafmonline.com to have said.

The singer stated on Daybreak Hitz with KMJ on Thursday that she has documents to prove this and many other allegations she has levelled against the executives of GHAMRO, adding that she will form a new collective society together with some aggrieved right owners.

But reacting to the claim on the same platform, Prince Tsegah said Akosua Agyepong is dwelling on rumours and should not be taken serious.

“Anybody who makes a case as Akosua is doing based on rumours, without even going to GHAMRO to crosscheck should not be taken seriously. The Attorney general herself told you that you are making a mountain out of molehill, there is no corruption happening; still Akosua is pushing this agenda. So the question is, ‘who is behind this?’” he queried.

Prince Tsegah indicated that the current administration is fixing the mess created by previous administration of which Akosua Agyepong’s former husband was an executive.

“They are now putting in place structures. Hitherto, there were none. People were receiving cheques that were bounced. Is Akosua saying she did not know this for her to question her husband? Why is Akosua saying this when people are being paid? Why should she deceive people into thinking that there is money for December royalties? Her pursuit in forming a new collection management is on parochial interest,” he noted.

He opines that Akosua Agyepong is being ‘lawless’ because there is an annual general meeting in April for all stakeholders to channel grievances and think of the way forward for GHAMRO.

“She is doing everything out of term. Akosua is ‘lawless’ in this situation because there is a laid down procedure in doing this,” he noted.