DKT Schools Debate Starts


Mrs. Kate Opku, Director at the launch of the schools debate

A debate to test adolescent knowledge on sexual and reproductive health has been launched with 80 Senior High Schools participating from all ten region of the country.

The debate, organized by DKT , leading distributor of  contraceptives , with support from the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Nertherlands, the Ghana Education Service and the Ghana Health is aimed at fostering a continues message of the No Yawa initiative.

Kelly de Vries, Program Manager, DKT said the No Yawa is a project by DKT that links sexual and reproductive health (SRH) education and Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) to the provision of youth-friendly SRH services.

She said since the project was launched three years ago ‘No Yawa’ has helped to improve knowledge and behaviours, as well as availability of commodities and access to services, so that Ghanaian youth are able to make healthy choices.

However, she said with the completion of No Yawa project in June this year the schools debate is expected to sustain the effect of the project.


Isaac Opoku Lamptey, Field Operations Manager, DKT presenting the specifics of the debate, said eight schools from each region will compete in the preliminary where four schools will be selected for the next round after which the winners will compete in the regional finals.

Mr. Lamptey said the winners of the regional competition will then compete for the national prize of GH¢15,000 and other souvenirs from DKT.

“The debate teams will constitute six members each, three will prepare for the motion and the other three against the motion. They will get to know which side of the motion they will be debating and their opponent on the day of debate,” he said.

He said three moderators will score marks taking the following into consideration, content, delivery, eloquence, collaboration among debators, strength of argument and knowledge about the topic.

Mrs. Kate Opku, Director of School Health Education Programme (SHEP) of the Ghana Education Service who launched the debate noted the importance of adolescent reproductive health adding that the service will offer the needed support to ensure the aim of the debate is achieved.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri