Sybaritic Obscenity

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A politician, the General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed, has elsewhere in this edition spoken for most Ghanaians, echoing their lamentations as they struggle to eke out a living.

His concern, representative of all Ghanaians but politicians in the fold of the ruling party, is an abridged version of the country’s sorry state as privileged politicians lead lives of obscene extravagance, the majority impoverished as they are almost heading for the garbage bins.

Dwindling real incomes, rising cost of living and outrageous cost of fuel which repercussion is the dwarfing pressure on the already insignificant salaries of workers have all contributed to reducing the average worker to a state of painful penury.

It is even more disturbing when the cause of the state of near hopelessness in which most Ghanaians are is traceable to the proclivity by the political establishment to spend beyond acceptable limits just so elections can be rigged and ensure their hold onto power.

The obsession to borrow even when the pastime does not make economic sense has become a favourite policy of the government, antagonists of the preference coming under a barrage of invectives by hired social media hoodlums for their (antagonists’) outspokenness.

We are almost getting to the end of the road where the continuous application of unproductive and insulting rhetoric by the president and his team would not make any impact on the impressions of the people.


Government’s incessant imposition of taxes on almost everything leaves much to be desired: in the face of this reality petroleum products, even when the price of crude oil has witnessed its lowest fall in decades, are one of the most expensive commodities on the market. The recent crazy price increases, especially fuel, have set Ghana apart from others in terms of the exorbitant cost of the commodity. The repercussion is being manifested already as the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has upped transport fares.

The health challenges associated with poor eating habits when the prices of foodstuff hit rooftop in the face of a collapsed National Health Insurance Scheme can only be imagined, especially in poverty-stricken parts of the country.

Ghanaians would have borne the challenges of outrageous housekeeping and others stoically had those in-charge of running the country not been leading a lifestyle of vulgar extravagance, displaying their ill-gotten wealth with reckless abandon. That is where Ghana has reached today.

From humble beginnings they have been exceedingly fooled by the pecks and glitters of government appointments, their birthdays marked by the summit of shameless opulence cakes for the occasion standing majestically when most of their compatriots think with tears swelling in their eyes how the next meal would come.

The total confusion which has greeted the replenishing of electricity credit at vending points in the past few days adds to the gloomy picture of the country.

Management of the country has never been so bad and messed up: this, when juxtaposed with the opulence aforementioned, presents a gloomy picture of a country which does not deserve this description.


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