Kumawood is lucrative – Akrobeto

Entertainment of Tuesday, 2 February 2016

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Akrobeto 53Akrobeto

Not many actors will publicly admit that monies they get from acting has transformed their lives.

Kumawood actor Akwasi Boadu a.k.a Akrobeto is an exception; he does not regret leaving his search for greener pastures in Belgium for acting.

“There is money in Kumasi, anyone who says there is no money, the person is lying. I don’t regret heeding to the advice of returning to Ghana while I was in Belgium looking for greener pastures. Ever since I came down, my life has not been the same,” he said in an interview with Delay on the Delay Show.

Asked what he has been able to achieve so far and the number of movies he has featured in, the actor who was reluctant to mention how much he charges per movie said; “So far I can say 200 movies and still counting and out of these, I have been able to purchase cars and two houses.

“One in the Ashanti Region and another in Greater Accra Region. All of which are made up of eight bedrooms.”

Akrobeto also added that at least, he features in about four movies every month.