Dencia Threatens To Sue American Actress, Lisa Raye Over Comments On Whitenicious


CEO of Whitenicious, Dencia has lashed out at American actress, Lisa Raye, during an interview with TMZ.

TMZ asked her what her reaction was to Lisa Raye’s comments about her cream, and Dencia went off.

I am suing her. I just came from my lawyer’s office. Yeah I am. We are going to court. I’m gonna f*ck her up” said Dencia.

Dencia also said Lisa Raye’s comments about Whitenicious are false and said the US actress wanted to be the face of her anti-ageing cream but she turned her down.

It’s a lie. She’s just a hater. She wanted to be the face of my anti-ageing and I was like I don’t want you. And then she gets mad. She does a movie that flops and…she’s just a hater who was mad and I am going to f*ck her up in court that’s all.

Dencia further said “she wants to lie about not knowing me. Lisa Raye has known me for 7 years, like I am your daughter. Lisa Raye is older than my mother.

During her rant Dencia said black people should be more like the late American Muslim minister Malcolm X than the popular African-American Civil Rights Martin Luther King.

LisaRaye McCoy plays Keisha in 'Single Ladies'

This is the problem with black people in America. There have been other companies who have been doing this sh*t for years and suddenly because this young black girl from America does it, you guys just wanna rain on her parade because you are jealous, get the f*ck outta her. Go get your own sh*t and stop.”

“Don’t be Martin Luther King; be Malcolm X. Get your own shit and people are going to respect you for that.