All Clubs are ready for GPL – Albert Commey

Soccer News of Monday, 1 February 2016



Yayi ComeyThe Chief Executive Officer of Aduana Stars, Albert Commey

The Chief Executive Officer of Aduana Stars, Albert Commey has said that all Ghana Premier League clubs are ready for the start of the new season which is scheduled for February 20.

Most Ghanaian clubs are complaining that the period for them to put the finishing touches to their teams before the premier league begins in three weeks is limited.

But Albert Commey says clubs have been preparing since last year, and should be in competitive shape before the first ball is kicked at match venues on the opening day of the season.

“I think we shouldn’t look at it from the point that teams only had January to February to prepare and that is not enough,” Albert Ayeetey Commey told Atinka FM.

He said “Preparation started already with teams last year and some of them even had to break and return.

“I know for instance, tentatively we set December 20 for the league to start but for the litigation and other matters related to the league, we couldn’t start the league.

“So we have enough time and I think that all of us are ready. The football fever is already on air. For the level of readiness it depends on the team and what they’ve done,” he said.

The fixtures for the start of the premier league is not official yet, but the date for commencement of the league will be on February 20.