Daily Guide Man Picks Muslim Achievers’ Award


A.R. Gomda

A.R. Gomda delivering a speech after the presentation

A.R. Gomda, Chief News Editor of the DAILY GUIDE was one of the recipients of the maiden Muslim Achievers Award for being, according to the organizers, the social activist of the year.

The colourful programme at the National Theatre Accra last Friday, according to Sukura Concept, originators of the award scheme, had a near over-subscribed attendance as it brought together Muslims from various walks of life.

The National Chief Imam Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu was one of the leading personalities at the function which organizers say is intended to showcase and honour the many Muslims who continue to contribute their quota towards the development of the country in diverse disciplines.

What eventually became a reality started as a little idea which blossomed into a major event with attendees expressing their elation about what in their estimation was a successful programme.

Upon receiving his award, A.R. Gomda expressed gratitude to the organizers for finding him worthy of an award during this maiden programe which would be an annual affair.


“I did not know that the little things I have been doing for the Islamic community of which I am a part, through the pages of the DAILY GUIDE has attracted the attention of the organizers and others. I thank you all for the honour,” he said in a post presentation remark.

A.R. Gomda has always written stories about developments in the Islamic communities providing space for releases from the Office of the National Chief Imam, the Hajj and above all, developments within these parts of the country.

One of the attendees recalled how it was AR. Gomda who broke the story about ISIS recruitment in the country and how this eventually prompted the hosting of the first national forum on extremism to create awareness about the challenge it is unleashing.

The record turnout at the forum which was held at the National Theatre last year brought together students and other stakeholders to listen to a delivery of Dr. Rabiatu Ammah, Senior Lecturer, University of Ghana, Legon on the subject.

A number of rape and defilement stories within the Zongo communities which would have otherwise been hushed were given vents so opinion leaders and community elders can address them.

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