Criss Waddle jumps to the defense of Stonebwoy


Entertainment of Monday, 1 February 2016



Criss Waddle ArtisteCriss Waddle

Hiphop artiste, Criss Waddle has waded into Stonebwoy’s case where a supposed fan jumped to the stage and started mimicking the way Stonebwoy walks at the recently held Live Fm grand launch.

After this act, many Ghanaians have blasted the supposed fan for mocking Stonebwoy’s disability but some Ghanaians also are of the view that Stonebwoy throwing the microphone into the crowd was unprofessional on his part but Criss Waddle has a different view to share.

Criss Waddle has jumped to Stonebwoy’s defense disclosing that the people saying the organizers should have provided a proper security system to avert all this from happening, he also added that Stonebwoy wasn’t born with such a disability so the fan mocking him is a no-no.

He posted on his facebook timeline, “Who are those saying STONEBWOY throwing the mic away and walking off stage was unprofessional, Unprofessional is organizing a show without proper security to the extent that a fan can jump on stage and mock such a talented artist, how many of you have had deformity out of accident.

I mean he wasn’t even born with it, the emotional trauma he’s dealt with for years and finally when he’s celebrating successful, one minor minded person tries to mess up his happiness and half of the media wants to act like its cool, he should have stayed on stage….really???#?AMGToTHEBLOODCLATWORLD”