I am not surprised at Ankrah’s resignation – Harry Zakkour


Soccer News of Thursday, 28 January 2016

Source: sportscrusader.com


Zak HaryFormer Board member of Accra Hearts of Oak, Harry Zakkour

Former Board member of Accra Hearts of Oak, Harry Zakkour says he, not surprised Managing Director Gerald Ankrah resigned from his position earlier this week.

Gerald Ankrah, who replaced Neil Armstrong last year, relinquished his position on Monday for reasons best known to him though inside sources claim he acted swiftly to avoid the embarrassment of being sacked.

It is alleged that majority shareholder Togbe Afede XIV style of leadership is autocratic, and that’s why board members of the club leave their post.

“It is not news [Gerald Ankrah resigned]. At last, my own friend Gerald Ankrah has totally resigned from Accra Hearts of Oak,” Harry Zakkour told Happy FM.

Togbe Afede XI V is the highest shareholder of Accra Hearts of Oak, and he has final say on who should help steer the affairs of the club.

Harry Zakkour believes that Togbe Afede has destroyed the 2000 Champions League winners because he has no locus in football administration. He also called on the Togbe to bring back the old directors to steer the sinking ship.

“He is the highest shareholder of the club and he makes the decisions for the club. Many of us have spent millions of money in the club but we have never declared anything in the club, Togbe Afede says nobody says nobody can touch him because he is the majority shareholder, okay nobody can touch him but he messing up the club.

“He is playing with the club, he is toying with the club. Togbe has killed Accra Hearts of Oak, he is toying with the club because doesn’t know his left and right and he expect us to sit down and let the club sink. People are watching him from the wall.

“He thinks if he has color like mine, he thinks he can walk in Accra? People will insult him left and right. Togbe should sit well and invite the old directors to come and help this club and stop changing management, technical team and sacking players. Sacking people from the club cannot solve the problem.

Togbe said he has bought the club and believes as the owner he can solve the problems of the club.

“He should solve the problems, if he can’t, then he should leave the club and go queue for his money like the way some of us have queued and waiting for our money.

“He is the owner, but he has forgotten that when the shares were floated some of us are owed about hundreds of dollars which we have not been paid; he hasn’t given us a penny.

“We cannot talk because we are not shareholders, we are not directors, and have to sit on the wall, see the big mess he is doing to Accra Hearts of Oak. I brought him to Accra Hearts of Oak and I wasn’t expecting him to do this big mess,” disappointed Harry Zakkour said.