We’re tired of reshuffles at Sports – Ministry staff

Sports News of Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Source: Graphic.com.gh


Nii VandaMinister of Youth and Sports Nii Lante Vanderpuye

Barely a week after President John Dramani Mahama released his first reshuffle list, which indicated that Dr Mustapha Ahmed, Minister of Youth and Sports, would make way for Nii Lante Vanderpuye, some employees of the ministry have expressed worry over the rate of changes in their ministry, especially Dr Ahmed, whom they describe as “a father with excellent human relations”.

Yesterday, the Graphic Sports visited the offices of the ministry to appraise itself of how the workers were preparing for the exit of Dr Ahmed as well as the arrival and reception of the new minister and it was clear that the employees were unhappy with the removal of the Member of Parliament for Ayawaso North.

They lamented how in a space of five years that ministry alone had experienced frequent change of ministers, a phenomenon which they said was unfavourable to the development and promotion of sports in the country, with some hoping that the President would reconsider his decision.

Mr Osei Adjin, Director of Research and Sports at the ministry, said his outfit had not been able to achieve much over the years due to the frequent change of ministers which did not allow the ministers ample time to settle first before putting their plans and strategies into action.

“Whenever we make a little progress then there is a reshuffle and we have to start all over again. I am against it because this is not helping the ministry and the nation as a whole”, he stressed.

“Just before the yuletide, we had a meeting and identified a few sponsors who we were going to get assistance from to help solve the many problems facing Ghana sports and suddenly there is a reshuffle. For how long will this continue?” he queried.

On his part, Alhaji Rex Sumanah, Director of Administration, also expressed disappointment at the removal of the retired major and Dental Surgeon, adding that the bane of his ministry had always been the fact that ministers did not stay there for long.

“Reshuffle is the prerogative of the President and we are only civil servants so we have to accept the President’s decision. Within the last three years, this is about the third minister we are receiving so even if they are given an average of one year I wonder when they can settle and even do something new,” he emphasised.

Mr H K Saso, Director of Human Resource, also mentioned that he had been at that ministry for only six months because he had been roaming from one ministry to another and did not see anything wrong with transfers or reshuffles, but he was disappointed that Dr Ahmed was not assigned to a new ministry. “It is a pity that he was not assigned to another ministry because that man has something to offer”, he maintained.

A secretary at the minister’s office, who only gave her name as Auntie Charity, was confident that Dr Ahmed and his predecessors had something to offer but, unfortunately, they were not given time to implement their projects.

“What are we as workers of this ministry doing to support our ministers to help them survive and make the necessary impact on Ghana sports? We watch them come in happily then a few months later they walk out in pain and sadness. This is sad and we should all bow down our heads in shame”, she said.

Some National Service persons, who also shared their views, almost shed tears for the removal of the man whom they explained never discriminated but always welcomed and appreciated everybody.

Dr Ahmed took over as the minister-designate from Mr Mahama Ayariga less than a year ago. Meanwhile, he had also lost his seat as MP for the Ayawaso North Constituency after he was defeated by Yusif Jajah in the primaries last November.