Storm Gertrude Sparks Amber Warning


A storm officially named Gertrude by the Met Office has been forecast to bring heavy rain, high winds, snow and ice to Scotland on Friday.

The Met Office has issued amber “be prepared” and yellow “be aware” warnings for Scotland and large parts of the rest of the UK.

The amber warning for high winds is in place from 03:00 to 10:00 on Friday.

Charts produced by surfers’ website forecast swells of up to 48ft (14m) out to sea.

The amber warning includes a forecast of winds gusting to 60mph or 70mph across wide areas and to 80mph on exposed coasts. The wind speeds have been forecast to reduce during Friday afternoon.


The Met Office has also issued a yellow warning of rain falling to 40mm-60mm over western Scotland and north of central Scotland on Friday.

A separate yellow warning of snow and freezing temperatures covers from 21:00 on Friday to 15:00 on Saturday.

The Met Office said: “Showers, frequent and heavy at times, will turn increasingly to snow through Friday evening.

“The heaviest snow showers are most likely to the north of the central belt of Scotland. Here, away from the immediate coast, around five to 10cm of snow could accumulate through Friday night and Saturday morning.

“Elsewhere, snow accumulations will be more localised, around 1cm to 3 cm is possible and primarily above 200m. Road surface temperatures are expected to fall below freezing overnight into Saturday morning, leading to a risk of icy patches forming.”