Duncan is ignorant about Mitre balls – Saanie Daara

Soccer News of Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Source: Starrfmonline.com


Saani BallsGhana FA Ibrahim Saanie Daara

The spokesperson of the Ghana FA Ibrahim Saanie Daara has backed the usage of Mitre match-balls in the league.

Asante Kotoko coach David Duncan has kicked against the balls, but the spokesperson argues his argument is baseless.

Duncan said the ball is too hard, heavy and below the standard of FIFA as compared to Adidas and Nike balls which are relatively lighter for better flight and easier ball control.

“He is wrong because today in modern football, football is marketing; Mitre football is certified by FIFA and used by top class competition such as the Scottish league so these are the key competitions which use it as well as several clubs all across the World,” he told Starr Sports.

“Like we have the UEFA Champions league if we go to England they use Nike in the Premier league and ADIDAS used in the Champions league that is the business of sports. It doesn’t mean because we use Adidas in the Africa champions’ league it is compulsory to use it in the local league.

“We are trying to create a brand around Mitre so later if Puma is interested in the local league then it takes over”, he added.

Meanwhile, some football pundits have also raised questions about the use of the Mitre balls over a decade and its compatibility with the Ghana Premier league pitches.