Do you remember Dede of Things We Do For Love?

Entertainment of Thursday, 28 January 2016



Dede StunnsDede

Remember Dede of the television series Things We Do For Love? She was one of the lead characters.

Things We Do for Love was a youth-based series that enjoyed incredible ratings when it aired. Dede played Pusher (Adjetey Anang)’s girlfriend in the series.

Plot of Things We Do For Love

Things We Do for Love is about the youth and how they live their lives and go about things in school and at home, with their parents also coming in their way, trying to put them on track, so they don’t go astray.

In this story, Pusher (Adjetey Anang) is in a relationship with Dede but has other girlfriends he plays around with. He is also practically the cause of all troubles that emerge in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, his friend BB is also seeking ideas from Pusher to get Marcia as his girlfriend. However, this family has a problem of their own with Marcia’s brother having romantic feelings for Dede, Pusher’s girlfriend. Shaker (Majid Michel) plays a Lebanese working in a hotel, and a practical womanizer whom with his sweet words could make a lady “meltdown”.

His personality, of course, leads him to certain embarrassing incidents. Moreover, his attempts to take those charms on Enyonam (Jackie Appiah) won’t work either as she is love with a calm guy in the neighborhood although they are both unable to live in this dreamland called Love, as she lives in fear of her Father