Appointment of Sports Ministers has been poor – Kurt Okraku

Soccer News of Tuesday, 26 January 2016



Soccer Kurt OkrakuKurtz Okraku

Chief Executive Officer of newly promoted Ghana Premier League side Dreams Football Club, Kurtz Okraku has said the government of Ghana has always kept square pegs in round holes when it comes to the appointing ministers for the Youth and Sports Ministry.

Khe Sports Ministry has been reshuffled in the last decade, with the latest to be uprooted from the ‘lions den’ is Dr.Mustapha Ahmed who was relieved of his duties after eight months.

Kurt Okraku believes the constant changes in the sports Ministry is due to lack knowledge of the administrators chosen to lead the body.

“Sports Ministers are appointed by the presidency, my singular opinion is that it’s been poor if it comes to the appointment of Sports Ministers.

“Football is a specialized industry, you need people with the requisite skills and knowledge, when you bring people with no connection to the industry they will fumble. You bring people with no history, connection, love and passion they will come and take kindergarten decisions,” the former Wassaman MD told Radio Ghana.

The Executive Committee member of the Ghana Football Association believes the best man — Nii Lantey Vanderpuje suited for the Sports Ministry has finally been appointed.

“For the first time, we have a proper sports person being appointed as the Sports Minister, I hope Nii Lante Vanderpuye who is full of passion and enthusiasm will bring his many years of association with the various sports disciplines to bear on the industry,” He said.