4Real Records releases Jkl4real and Ras Kuuku's new single

Music of Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Source: Kweku Vibes


Jkl Ras Kuuku EdRas Kuuku and Jkl4real

The rumors are true: Jkl4real and Ras kuuku will release a hotly anticipated single exclusively for their fans this week and Next respectively.

It’s still a big deal even if you’re not a particularly big fan of JKL4real or Ras kuuku.

#Ras Kuuku’s Hit single, titled NUFF GYALS, will stream on Yfm Online Radio and then, Few hours later, the single will be released exclusively on 107.9 Yfm with Trigmatic on the Mid-Morning Show.

This is a masterful move by #4Real Records that might make a lot of people consider switching to listening to songs of Artist under #4real Records.

First off, this single is going to be an absolute monster. Ras Kuuku is no stranger to sudden releases. His last surprise broke over 25 thousand streams in 3 days, beating his own record set in 2006.

That means 4Real Records has managed to surprise fans with a long-rumored single between two of popular Ghana’s hot artists. A single nobody knew existed until yesterday. No leaks,

They’ve released a single that’s a surprise and hotly anticipated at the same time. That’s marketing savvy that should have the people of Africa scratching their chins.

Nobody knows for sure the size or terms of Ras Kuukus’s deal with 4Real Records — could be zero, could be $10 million — but this single release is a guaranteed hit.

Say what you want to say about exclusivity in music; I’m inclined to agree with you. But 4real Records has managed to spin a first single released 2016, into something a bit bigger and shared. As a fan of music, it’s thrilling.

Enjoy the song below: