Unholy Decision


The decision of Hayford Biney, headmaster of the Bomaa Senior High School in the Tano North District of the Brong Ahafo Region, to send students owing the school home during prep at 8pm rightly made the headlines.

No editor would ignore the importance of such an outlandish action by a headmaster: the risk he took by releasing these students to face the challenges of night travel beats imagination.

He appeared to be incensed with the parents of these students because their indebtedness was reaching rooftop. This did not warrant the crazy action though.

Officials of the Ghana Education Service (GES) must have queried him already for the harsh and crazy action which exposed the students to unimaginable level of danger.

Indeed parents of the kids too should be exploring options of dealing with the anomaly. We do not know the sex of the students but if the number included girls the level of danger is even greater.

We wish to ask whether the headmaster would have borne responsibility for anything untoward befalling the students he sent home at that time of the night.

We are unable to tell whether he made provision for their transport to their final destinations.


Even worse was the fact that they had to travel to Duayaw Nkwanta, from where they proceeded to their final destinations—some outside the region.

Headmasters as representatives of parents should be mindful about the repercussions of their actions.

Actions taken to recover indebtedness should not in any way put the students in harm’s way. The students he sent away were put in harm’s way in many ways. Travelling at that time of the night was a risk not worth taking by a person who could have been held responsible for anything untoward happening. Imagine these students communicating with their parents about their plight when they were thrown out of the school. The parents’ immediate reaction would have been pouring invectives on the headmaster for his inappropriate conduct as they whinged.

We do not have to prompt the GES to query the headmaster and to eventually sanction him for his untoward conduct and gross irresponsibility which could have cost the students their lives.

If a headmaster has been asked to step aside because he imposed unauthorised levies on students, his counterpart in Bomaa Senior High School should be made to hand over the school to another person who is ready to use his head when taking decisions.

Offering to put his car at the disposal of the students he had released into the wilderness of the night and whose welfare he had overlooked did not make his iniquity any better. It rather exposed his imbecility even more.

How can a Saloon car convey the many students he had expelled to the nearest town so they could go home to their parents?

We do not know the other side of the coin but then sending them home at night can never make sense.