King Jay Entertainment boss celebrates wife's birthday

Entertainment of Monday, 25 January 2016



Charslyn YtainmentCharslyn Golu Kuoh

Ghana-based King Jay Entertainment boss, Amani E. Ibru aka King Jay and his signee, SwagKid have sent their warmest birthday wishes to CHARSLYN GOLU KUOH as she adds another year to her age.

Charslyn is the wife of the acclaimed Mr. Cassell Kuoh, the President of FC Fassell and the CEO of Fassell Hotel in Japan. Their good deeds have over the years attracted positive comments – which is a good sign.

Both SwagKid and his record label are close friends of the celebrant; they have been guest at their private events across the world.

King Jay Entertainment in the year 2015 did produce a single which was done by SwagKid in recognition of the Kuoh’s service to mankind.

King Jay and his signee, SwagKid are working together to provide the requisites for a favorable playing ground in the African entertainment industry.

Once again we wish CHARSLYN GOLU KUOH a blissful birthday celebrations from King Jay Entertainment & SwagKid.