Centenarian Leads Nana Campaign

Mary Afriyie

MADAM MARY Afriyie, who is 102 years-old and has lived under all the previous governments in the country, insists the present NDC government, is the bad ever in terms of performance.

She observed that even though all the previous governments of the state had their shortfalls, in general, they performed far better than what the present Mahama-led NDC administration is doing.

“All the previous government’s had their negatives one way or the other, but in general they did well and I must commend them,” the old lady, who walks by the aid of a walking stick, told DAILY GUIDE during an interview.

Madam Afriyie said she is yet to see a single thing or programme that President Mahama and his government had done to better the lives of the populace since he assumed the mantle as the first gentleman of the land.

She ranked the NPP administration led by ex-President Kufuor as the best government that Ghana had had in its history, noting that Ghana experienced development in all sectors of the state during that time.

The centenarian also ranked the late President Abrefa Busia’s administration as the second best government in Ghana’s history, noting that “Busia could have done more but he was prevented by a military takeover.”

Madam Afriyie said Ghana usually suffers major setback on its developmental journey anytime NDC occupied the seat of government, noting that Messrs Rawlings and Mills administrations also failed to deliver.

She however observed that Messrs Rawlings and Mills’ governments were better when compared to the present President Mahama’s government, saying “the Mahama government is the worse in Ghana’s history.”


According to her, President Mahama and his government appointees seemed only interested in what they could do to win the next election, “but they don’t care about the difficulties the populace is going through.”

Madam Afriyie, who was seen clad in NPP colours during the party’s fund raising event in Kumasi on Saturday, said she was visiting the venue to contribute her cash to help the NPP campaign well to defeat the NDC in the polls.

She said it is time for patriotic people in the country like her, to hit the streets to campaign for the NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo to save the country from the “bad NDC administration which is destroying the country.”

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi