VIDEO:Arsenal’s freestyling Ghanaian wonderkid sensation

Sports News of Sunday, 24 January 2016



Omari Hutchinson ArsenalOmari Hutchinson

The impressive video of Arsenal U12 sensation Omari Hutchinson showing impressive skills and talent has gone viral online.

The talented kid puts his soul on the ball and gives off precocious thrilling skills that will amaze you.

The youngster looks the real deal, glittering with his composure, ball control, dynamism and flair…lots and lots of flair.

Indeed, this precocious wonder kid, it seems, just can’t resist a trick or two in order to dazzle watching fans and inspire his teammates.

Just watch Hutchinson’s array of tricks, flicks and freestyle magic in the video below. The kid can not only do it when the cameras are on, and he’s charged with impressing, but he can also do it in the heat of battle and in a match.

Looking at these clips as well, he’s no Quaresma, a player who could dazzle one minute, only to lose the ball the next, Hutchinson can actually use his freestyle footwork to good effect, beating a man here, evading a challenge there and, more often than not, playing in his teammates.

Watch Video below