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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Mike Tyson Gets Knocked Out By A Hoverboard



Mike Tyson gets knocked out by a hoverboard

The former heavyweight boxer takes his kid’s hoverboard for a spin and it sends him flying to the floor faster than his first bout with Buster Douglas. The Internet take over from there.

Hoverboards have been getting a lot of bad press since reports started surfacing that they catch fire without warning.

If hoverboard companies can make one that definitely doesn’t explode (though that seems like something that should be on all product manufacturers’ to-do list long before they start printing the shipping labels), they’re going to need a serious PR adjustment. Perhaps a celebrity endorsement deal could turn things around and give them a more positive image.

Should they ever decide to take that route, however, you can bet former professional boxer Mike Tyson won’t be returning their calls.

Tyson took a nasty spill on his daughter Milan’s hoverboard at his home and posted a video of the accident to his Twitter account on Tuesday. The video features Tyson taking a little spin on the self-balancing scooter in what appears to be his living room. He takes a couple of 360-degree turns and then attempts to move forward but he loses his footing and falls flat on his back with a loud thud.

Naturally, Tyson’s funniest home video went viral on social media and picked up over 45,000 retweets. So it was only a matter of time before some of the Internet’s more clever users came up with ways to make an already hilarious fall even more hilarious.

The most popular remake of Tyson’s great fall comes from a Vine user named Ry Ry. His video features Little Mac, the playable hero from the classic NES boxing game Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, scoring one last knockout against the champ.


The pixelated version of Tyson seems to be just as clumsy on a clumsy piece of transportation as his real-world counterpart, according to this Vine from an account for a meme-making app called Spun.

No celebrity is officially a celebrity meme until one of their videos or sound bites has been turned into some form of repetitive house music or an auto-tuned remix. This Vine by Antiski helps Tyson’s video fulfill that requirement with his blending of Tyson’s fall with the booming bass line from a song by The Black Eyed Peas

Finally, the folks behind the YouTube channel Game Worm found a way to mix Tyson’s latest meme with one of the boxer’s other memes by mashing up the hoverboard video with footage from one of his most infamous post-bout interviews.