Dark Clouds Hang At Dagbon Over Ya-Na Funeral

Andani Royal

Chiefs of the Andani Royal Family

Tension is mounting in Dagbon as the Andani Royal Family readies itself for what it describes as engagement with the Abudus over the funeral of the late Regent Naa Mahamadu Abdulai IV.

The threat by the chieftaincy gate has compelled the security agents to be on alert for any eventualities, given the fractious nature of such engagements.

The threat to forcibly take occupation of the Gbewa Palace for instance, is one which cannot be taken lightly by security managers in the region. For the past years there has been a permanent detachment of security agents at the palace.

The current development was preceded by a press conference by the Abudu family on 11 January, 2016 during which the gate threatened government with a two-week ultimatum for the enforcement of a process that would give them access to the palace.

“We are compelled under the circumstances to serve notice that if by Monday, January 25, 2016 there is no renovation works going on at the Gbewaa Palace for the two funerals we shall advise ourselves. We intend to explore all means necessary to gain access to the Gbewaa Palace to perform Naa Mahamadu Abdulai’s funeral,” according to a family spokesman.

With the Andanis responding to the threat in like manner, there could be a bloodbath unless something is done to avert it, especially as the date for the ultimatum has zeroed in.

The Andanis have promised a swift response.
“We have come a long way from March 2002. This time the response of the Andani Family would be swift, resolute and direct, and such a manner as to put permanent closure to the intransigent arrogance of these extremists of the Abudu Family not only in Yendi, but throughout Dagbon,” Galwei-Tamale Naa O. S Mahamadu, spokesperson for the family, said at a press conference over the weekend.


With the Andanis not ready to countenance the performance of the funeral of Naa Mahamadu Abdulai in deviation from the recommendations of the eminent persons empanelled to manage the chieftaincy challenge, the national security council is in for a long haul.

The point of the Andani family is that the late Abudulai Mahamadu IV was deskinned in May 1974 upon a recommendation by a Committee of Enquiry set up by the erstwhile National Redemption Council (NRC) government after faulting his method of ascension to the skin as “illegitimate and in flagrant violation of Dagbon traditions and custom.”

The Andanis said the Abudus will be embarking on a “suicidal mission” if they dare make good their threat.

The Andanis said they would not allow the Abudus to have access to the Gbewaa Palace to perform the funeral and are ready for any consequences.

The security fallouts are being felt in both Yendi, the traditional capital, and Tamale, the regional capital.

In the heat of the controversy a committee under the Asantehene, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II and the Yagbonwuru, Naayiri and the Kug, Naa (the vice president of the Yaa Naa) was empanelled to deal with the subject.

From the unfolding developments it would appear that the contents of the roadmap reached after many sittings and obstacles are being breached with the ultimate prognosis being a deadly confrontation.

From Eric Kombat, Tamale