Customs Officer Petitions CJ Over ‘Conflicting Judgements’

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A 62-year-old former Customs officer has petitioned Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood, the Chief Justice (CJ), over what he describes as contradictory judgements by Accra District Magistrate Courts.

The petitioner, Confidence Hiagbe, aka CC, in a petition dated January 19, 2015, among others, wants the CJ to take a second look at the judgement delivered in his favour in a case in which he sued his ex-wives over the paternity of his supposed children.

Mr Hiagbe had dragged his ‘ex-wives’ before the Family and Juvenile Magistrate Court denying the paternity of five children from three separate women.

He had, in three separate affidavits filed at the court, wanted an order for DNA testing on all the five children.

The defendants in the suit were Hilda Akuvi, a trader and her son David Delali Mensah.

The others were one Ekua and her son Kwabena Ayigbe, 34, a cameraman from Akyem-Asafo in the Eastern Region.

The first DNA test was subsequently conducted by the Scientellect Company Limited on David and Hilda in December last year.


The results signed by Dr Kenneth Frimpong, Principal Analyst of the company, and addressed to the courts pointed out that “Confidence Hiagbe is excluded as the biological father of David Delali Mensah”, adding that “The probability of Confidence Hiagbe being the biological father of David Delali Mensah is 0%”.

But CC, who is also a WBA Boxing Judge and Social Advocate, insists the court presided over by Mrs Victoria Ghansah erred in adjourning the case “sine die” instead of disposing of the matter entirely.

The five-time national “What Do You Know” Champion, as a result, believes the judgement was riddled with contradictory language.

In the case of Ekua and Kwabena, the court presided over by Peter Oppong- Boahen ruled that Mr Hiagbe “cannot be conclusively excluded as the biological father of Kwabena.”

It further stated that “The probability of Confidence Hiagbe being the biological father of Kwabena Ayigbe is 0%”.

“Additional testing may be required,” it added.

However, CC wondered why an additional testing may be required if the probability of him being the father of Kwabena was 0%.

By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson

[email protected]