3 Snatch Lecturer’s Car

John Mark Pokoo

A taxi driver has been arrested after police suspected him of helping a gang of three men to snatch a car from a lecturer at East Legon Thursday morning.

The three attacked the Head of Conflict Management programme at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, John Mark Pokoo, after he drove out of his home.

They ordered him and his five-year-old daughter out of a Hyundai Santa fe.

The incident occurred at about 7:00am in a very quiet residential neighbourhood. The attackers, satisfied with a Hyundai Santa fe, drove off with their new booty, leaving the taxi.

The traumatised lecturer called in the East Legon Police in who took custody of the taxi. They traced the taxi to a man who has now been arrested and is assisting the police in investigations.

The taxi driver acknowledged the vehicle belongs to him, but denied knowing anything about the attack.

He explained his taxi was snatched last night around the Christian Centre at A & C Mall, a very busy area.

Police have raised questioned about how his car could be snatched in a very busy area and have detained him. They have also mounted a manhunt for the other suspects.