David Cameron Is Called A C*** On His Favourite Television Show


DAVID Cameron has become the target of a four-letter outburst — by the lead character in his favourite TV drama.

The Prime Minister has been urging pals to tune in to The Last Panthers, a series inspired by a gang of Balkan jewel thieves.

But he was blissfully unaware of the insult coming his way in the final episode.

Mr Cameron makes an unexpected cameo appearance when a Serbian gangster, played by actor Igor Bencina, pops into a barber’s shop in Belgrade to smarten himself up before going on a trip to Britain.

He pulls out a glossy magazine called Trend with a picture of the Prime Minister on the front cover and says: “I want to look like that.” The barber gets out his scissors and the action cuts to the actor leaving sporting a Cameron-style hairdo.

The villain is met by his partner in crime, who takes one look at him and says: “You look like an utter c***”. Last night a senior Westminster figure who bought a boxed set of the series on Mr Cameron’s advice, said: “I was in tears of laughter when I got to the last episode.


“David clearly had no idea about his own starring role when he first got hooked on the series.

“I had this image of him smile at seeing himself and turn to sheer horror. I bet he will have seen the funny side of it. At least I hope so.”

Mr Cameron was so enthralled by The Last Panthers he cajoled his aides and associates to get into it.

In an interview last month, he made it his Christmas box set recommendation, saying: “It has a diamond heist and it’s sort of quite good.”

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