Schools Suffer From Labour Demo

School children having a free day due to Labour strike

School children having a free day due to Labour strike

A leading member of Organized Labour in the Upper East region, Michael Ayuraboya Akanvibe, says the demonstration which took place on Wednesday in Bolgatanga was very successful owing to the number of people that came out to protest against government’s imposition of high taxes on the citizenry in Ghana.

“But for the fact that we asked some strategic workers to be at post to keep the system still working, the number of people would have been more than we saw on the streets of Bolgatanga. We wanted to send a strong message to government,” he explained.

On Wednesday, hundreds of workers, who wore red or black attire, protested against hikes in utility bills and petroleum prices despite some disparaging comments deliberately made by some activists of the ruling  National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The workers, drawn from 10 Labour Unions in the region, asked government to reduce the ‘killer’ utility tariffs and prices of petroleum products. They promised to mount pressure on government until it reduces the utility tariffs.

Per the roadmap of Organized Labour, members on Thursday embarked on a minimum strike.

They expressed their readiness to intensify it if government continues to listen to the communicators and ignore their calls.


Many basic schools in the Bolgatanga Municipality were deserted because the teachers did not report to work.

In the Senior High Schools, the tutors reported but did not enter the classrooms.

Mr Akanvibe told DAILY GUIDE that the strike would come on as planned if government does not reduce the various ‘killer’ taxes, utility tariffs and fuel prices.

“How can anyone say the demonstrations were orchestrated by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). What do those guys take as for? The fact that we are not serving in government does not make us people of low intelligence or people who can be used by politicians for their selfish gains.

“I can say without any doubt that there are a lot of intelligent people, with very high integrity standards in labour than government. They must not belittle our intelligence and rather advise the government to feel the pain Ghanaians are going through.”

He called on the media not to offer politicians the opportunity to inflame passions.

From: Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Bolgatanga